The Piceno is dear to us

In recent years, the Piceno’s winemaking production has reached important numbers and results, mainly linked to the recognition of wines deriving from native vines: this is why some entrepreneurial companies have decided to give life to an institution that aims at safeguarding this commitment. From this decision, the Consorzio Vini Piceni was born in 2002.

Nowadays, it is made up of 44 ordinary members: these are entrepreneurs directly involved in one or more production phases of the DOC and DOCG protected by the Consortium. They are therefore engaged in viticulture, winemaking and bottling, and commt themselves to observing the protocol and sharing the objectives of the Consortium.

The soul of the Consorzio Vini Piceni resides in the mission it proposes to pursue, both in Italy and abroad: to protect, promote and enhance the DOC and DOCG of the territory, checking that they are produced in compliance with the protocol. In any case, the Consorzio Vini Piceni aims first and foremost at informing and involving consumers: quality production, in fact, takes on its full value only in the presence of a conscious consumer. The passion dedicated by the consortium’s members to their work aims at promoting the authenticity of the Picene wines preserved in their own nuances.