Taste the Piceno through scents and colours that have absorbed the notes of the sea, the countryside, the Sibillini Mountains, and they give them back to the palate, rich in ever-changing tastes, which combine one another according to pairings and seasons. Come and discover the typical aromas of this land that offers pure and intense sensations turning them into a postcard of unforgettable flavours.


Let yourself be captured by an itinerary that combines good wine and enchanting sceneries: in the town centre of Offida, inside the former monastery of San Francesco, you will find the Marche Regional Winery. It is managed by the Association of Viticultural Producers of the Picene Province and is an important centre for the knowledge of wine and the territory, where you can taste the Marche wines accompanied by typical dishes of local cuisine, in an exclusive setting.

Olives and oil

The most famous cultivar is undoubtedly the native variety of Oliva Tenera Ascolana PDO, the basic ingredient of Ascolana Olives. But in the Piceno area there are also other cultivars, which give life to interesting oils both from a qualitative and a sensorial point of view: Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo are the most widespread varieties, along with other cultivars such as Sargano, Raggia, Piantone di Falerone. You will be surprised to discover the differences between the oils produced in the hinterland, which are fruity and spicy, and those deriving from olive trees that grow along the coast: these are more delicate and sometimes even sweet. A basic seasoning ingredient for the whole cuisine, oil gives its best in a simple way, poured in a drizzle on a slice of rustic bread.

Pink apple from the Sibillini

An ancient variety, already narrated by Quintus Horatius Flaccus in his Satire, and cultivated in the territory of the Sibillini Mountain Community. You will recognize its characteristic medium-small-sized fruit with an irregular and flattened shape; its peel is characterized by an intense green colour with red-wine-coloured stains or streaks (but it is said “pink”), the pulp is crunchy, firm and with a slightly acidic taste. A perfect fruit for cakes, sweets and jams that you can also accompany with local semi-aged cheese.


Mainly produced in the territory of the Sibillini Mountains, in ancient times honey was considered the “food of gods”, and assumes a characteristic hue and taste depending on the region where it comes from. Discover the typical aromas of acacia honey, chestnut honey and millefiori honey, each of them is rich in flavours that recall the huge spaces of the plateaus and the mild climate of these slopes. Taste the uniqueness of this natural sweetener, excellent to accompany the Piceno’s cheeses.


With its four varieties, truffle dots the Sibillini Mountains with its colour. The typical typologies of the territory are the precious white truffle, that is to say, the truffle par excellence, with a strong and complex but pleasant scent, the precious black truffle, with an intense but not pungent aroma, the summer truffle, with a more delicate flavour, and the bianchetto or marzuolo: it is the smallest of the four, and its name derives from its ripeness coinciding with the month of March. Try the truffle in combination with eggs, which enhance its aroma and complexity, and surprise your palate by using it to season rich first courses or main courses.