A thousand shades of Marche at Mangialonga Picena with the Consorzio Vini Piceni

Quality wine tourism: local wines, combined with local flavors, will be the gateway to get to know the south of the Marche to 800 tourists at the expected appointment in July.

“The wine is the poetry of the earth” said the great Mario Soldati: there are few elements capable of telling the soul of a place and its inhabitants so well. That is why this year the Picenum Tour Association, always at the forefront in the promotion of Marche wine tourism, on the occasion of the Mangialonga Picena will further enhance the story of the territory through the vineyards and wines symbol of the territory.

The organizers of the walk through the flavors and nature of Offida (Ascoli Piceno) scheduled for Sunday, July 21, in fact, will be able to count on the precious collaboration of the Vini Piceni Consortium to offer an experience of experience to the 800 tourists who will come from various regions of Italy. Italy and abroad to learn about the area and taste its culinary excellence. During the 6 km route between fascinating glimpses of the south of the Marche and meetings with some of the most famous chefs in the area who will propose original dishes using typical products, the walkers will stop in real oases of taste dedicated to local wines.

What are the characteristics of Pecorino? Why can Passerina also be made sparkling? Where do the color and the different flavors of Montepulciano come from? These are some of the questions that participants will be able to find a response “on the field”, tasting the different interpretations of the wines of the Marche offered by the local wineries and told by the sommeliers of the Italian sommelier Foundation. While passages along the vineyards and stops at some of the local wineries will allow you to observe closely where the colors, the smells and the flavors enclosed in each bottle are born, making small samples of country life.

The Mangialonga Picena (www.mangialongapicena.it – ​​www.picenumtour.it) is realized with the sponsorship of the Municipalities of Offida, Ascoli Piceno and Grottammare, thanks to the support of Banca Popolare di Spoleto Gruppo Banco Desio, La Tua Casa, Fainplast, Gate -Away, La Grande A, Estra, Grafiche Tacconi, EdilSer, Assicurazioni Del Rosso and KiWih and collaboration with the Vini Piceni Consortium and the Italian Sommelier Foundation.

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