(Offida – AP, 30 April 2019). It closes tomorrow with an extraordinary opening also in the morning (10.30-13.30, 16.00-21.00) “Passerina & Pecorino“, the event organized by the Marche Regional Enoteca in collaboration with the Piceno Wines Consortium and with the patronage of the Municipality of Offida ( AP). Eighteen companies and 51 labels that, starting from April 27, animated the evenings of the Enoteca (Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 75) with tasting benches in the central nave, dedicated to the new vintages of Offida Passerina and Offida Pecorino Docg as soon as enter the market. At winelovers there is also the excellence of the local gastronomy, including cold cuts, cheeses, olives and craft beer, and a tasting counter dedicated to organic extra virgin olive oil by Picenopen.

And according to Iri data highlighted by the Consortium, the wines from Passerina and Pecorino continue to fly in large-scale retail trade. Only in the last year the Passerines have registered a positive change of + 14% in value in Italian distribution and placed third in Italy for volume growth (+ 15%). Pecorino wines are also on the rise, with an increase in value of + 6%.

Offida Docg is the only Denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin for the Passerina and Pecorino vines, with a much more stringent specification than that permitted in other areas (90 quintals per hectare). The production area is restricted to 25 municipalities in the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo (9 in full and another 16 in part) with bottling permitted only in the production areas.

The participating companies: Cantina Collevite, Cantina Offida, Cherri – San Francesco, Ciù Ciù, Domodimonti, Il Conte Villa Prandone, Le Canà, Le Cantine di Figaro, Marcelli Clara, Officina del Sole, Poderi San Lazzaro, San Giovanni, Tenuta Cocci Grifoni , Tenuta De Angelis, Tenuta del Borgo, Tenuta Spinelli, Terre Cortesi Moncaro, Poisonous Wines.

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