The Piceno territory has always preserved colourful and genuine flavours. The main type of crop, in addition to vine, is olive tree, which gives a fragrant, slightly spicy oil, from various cultivars including the tender Ascolana PDO, main ingredient of the renowned Ascolana Olives. These small green and juicy olives are manually pitted and filled with a meat stuffing, then breaded and fried, thus boasting a unique taste that has made them famous all over the world.

The Piceno is also characterized by the typical flavours of cold cuts (don’t forget to taste the ciauscolo, a soft sausage to spread on bread) and fresh and semi-aged cheese, mainly produced with sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. They can be tastefully accompanied by the typical honey from the Sibillini Mountains Park and the pink apple jam from the Sibillini Mountains (Slow Food Presidium): a variety with a pleasantly sour taste, a green peel that turns pink and a high degree of preservability.

The tradition of homemade pasta, made with egg or water and flour, is very lively in the Piceno. Among the specialties, the Maccheroncini di Campofilone, a very thin type of hand-cut noodles, or the timbale sheets of Vincisgrassi, a typical variation of baked lasagna from the Marches. Don’t miss the pleasant taste of meat dishes, based on game and poultry, as well as the savory and juicy flavour of fish dishes. Enjoy the Brodetto alla Sambenedettese, a fusion of products given by the sea to this land and its inhabitants, characterized by the use of vinegar, green tomatoes and peppers.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about sweets: let yourself be amazed by the delicacy of the Funghetti di Offida, made with flour, sugar and anise, as well as by the Peschette di Acquaviva, perfect to end a meal, often accompanied by anisette or vin cotto. A land of authentic flavours, that sweeten the palate and then turn into delightful memories.

Rosso Piceno

Rosso Piceno is generally ruby red in colour with shades tending to purple. The typical flavours of fruit are diluted in other typical fruity and floral aromas. It pairs very well with first courses dressed by red and slightly spicy sauces, main courses based on courtyard animals as well as local cold cuts and cheese.

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Rosso Piceno Superiore

Rosso Piceno Superiore has an intense ruby red colour and the aromas of red fruits and spices can be immediately perceived by the nose. The body linked to the blend and aging in wood make it particularly suitable to accompany meat dishes. After ten years of aging it is perfect as a meditation wine.

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Falerio dei Colli Ascolani

Falerio dei Colli Ascolani has a pale straw yellow colour with greenish hues. Its aromas are those of green apple and white flowers, while on the palate it is soft, dry and pleasantly fresh. For this reason it is ideally suited to accompany every kind of aperitif and in particular fish, molluscs, crustaceans and Ascolana Olives, as well as light first courses and main courses based on courtyard animals.

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Offida Rosso

Thanks to the good balance given by the blend of Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon, Offida Rosso is dry on the palate, but pleasantly mellow and enveloping. Thanks to its non-aggressive tannins it is ideal both as a whole-meal and as a meditation wine, but it is also particularly suitable for elaborate first courses like Vincisgrassi.

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Offida Pecorino

Offida Pecorino is straw yellow in colour with hues tending to greenish. The scent of white flowers conveys a mellow taste of apple and sometimes liquorice. Thanks to its “exceptional” qualities and to the pleasant persistence in the mouth, it pairs excellently with tasty first courses, fish and white meats or typical cured meats. It is a real surprise if paired with the Brodetto alla Sambenedettese fish soup.

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Offida Passerina

Offida Passerina still wine is bright straw-coloured with floral and yellow fruit aromas. On the palate it reveals pleasant freshness and taste. Due to its particular elegance, it accompanies very well various types of meals: as an aperitif, with hot and cold appetizers, but also with first courses, fish and fresh cheeses.

Try it with Maccheroncini di Campofilone with chicken liver ragout >

Offida Passerina Spumante

Offida Passerina sparkling wine is fresh, extremely pleasant and releases the typical acidity of Passerina grape. For this reason, also thanks to its perlage, it is ideal for a wide range of occasions, from the aperitif to the whole meal, as in the most classic combinations of sparkling wines. Thanks to the delighful sensation of cleanliness that it is able to convey, along with its delicate aromas and pleasant slightly bitter aftertaste, it accompanies fried fish (Frittura di Paranza) excellently.

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Offida Passerina Passito

Offida Passerina Passito wine enhances the most hidden features of Passerina grapes: sweetness and a pleasantly velvety body make it the ideal companion for all dry pastries and aged cheeses.

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