Il futuro del vino è nelle mani dei giovani

23 April 2019 Paper, Press review
Interview of Il Resto del Carlino with the president of the Consorzio dei Vini Piceni on the wine sector and workers. A phenomenon that especially affects young people 2019_04_23_Il_Resto_del_Carlino_(ed._Ascoli-Fermo)_pag.36

Vinitaly 2019 in the sign of the EBITDA margin. And foreign buyers are growing

11 April 2019 Paper, Press review
The world of compact wine moves towards higher quality and with an eye increasingly turned abroad. These are some of the themes that emerged during the 53rd edition of Vinitaly ... 2019_04_11_MF_pag.13

Verdicchio in the limelight of Vinitaly. An increasingly international wine

10 April 2019 Paper, Press review
The rosé is trendy and runs fast. So much so that at the Vinitaly "Rosautoctono" was presented, the association that gathers the consortia for the protection of the most representative designations of origin (from Veneto to Abruzzo and Puglia) ... 2019_04_10_Corriere_Adriatico_(ed._Ancona)_pag.15

Marche wine changes gear: promotion and export are winning

9 April 2019 Paper, Press review
Vinitaly continues in Verona. Finally a suitable price for the high quality of Verdicchio These are wine days. In Verona, Vinitaly is already halfway (tomorrow its doors are closed) for this edition number 53, defined as << that of records >>. Le Marche, among other things, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bianchello del Metauro... Leggi di più