Red wines from the province of Ascoli Piceno

1 Ottobre 2019 Paper, Press review
"The Consortium - commented the president Giorgio Savini - has for some time followed the valorization of the native vines, such as Pecorino and Passerina which make up the white DOCG wines of the Offida DOCG and Montepulciano for the reds, almost exclusive to the Red Offida and prevalent for the Rosso Piceno, which strongly... Leggi di più

Rassegna stampa per Vinitaly

20 Settembre 2019 Paper, Press review
Download here the entire press review for Vinitaly 2019 1_PDFsam_RS_CVP_VINITALY_2019_agg.02.05 81_PDFsam_RS_CVP_VINITALY_2019_agg.02.05

Vineyards ready to bloom “The blessed rain after the great drought”

23 Maggio 2019 Paper, Press review
the Corriere Adriatico of today (all the editions on page 14), “Vineyards ready to bloom << The blessed rain after the great drought >>” by Andrea Fraboni with interviews with Armando Falcioni and Alberto Mazzoni on the progress of the season for the vineyards. 2019_05_23_Corriere_Adriatico_pag.14

The typical features of the sea in the showcase – Ancona, until Sunday in various locations between initiatives and good food

17 Maggio 2019 Paper, Press review
Il Resto del Carlino (ed. Ancona, p. 48), “The << Typicality >> of the sea in the shop window” which mentions the Consortium among the participants at the tasting counter of Marche fish from wines organized on the occasion of the event. Over the years, Tipicità in blu has become a true Festival of Adriatic... Leggi di più