• Rosso Piceno and Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC

    The prestigious Rosso Piceno DOC, instituted by the Regulation in 1968, was the first DOC wine to be produced on this land.

  • Offida DOCG

    DOC Offida takes its name from the town of Offida, which dates back to Stone Age and which was one of the centres of the Piceno civilization.

  • Falerio DOC

    DOC Falerio dei Colli Ascolani was instituted in 1975. Its name is bound to the historic origins of the Piceno region.

  • Terre di Offida DOC

    This black grape vine, whose origin is uncertain, grows abundantly in the central and southern regions of Italy…

  • Vines: roots planted in the Piceno land

    RED GRAPE VINES Montepulciano This black grape vine, whose origin is uncertain, grows abundantly in the central and southern regions of Italy, seeing as it prefers medium soil and deep and well-exposed land, as well as a warm and dry climate. It matures later than others and consequently is generally harvested in October. Sangiovese Another […]

  • Let’s learn how to taste Passerina

    Passerina grapes were once considered unsuitable for wine-making from just one, unblended variety, and this is why it is not so well known. In actual fact, it reveals a very pleasant bouquet and a body that makes it an elegant wine, let’s say almost a lady’s wine. It is crystal clear, straw yellow in colour, […]

  • Let’s learn how to taste Passerina Passito

    Out of all the Picenos branded wines, Passerina Passito, made from dried grapes, is maybe one of the most appreciable.

  • Let’s learn how to taste Passerina spumante

    This is a less traditional variant of the Passerina grape variety. Historically speaking, the sparkling wine tradition was not so popular although recent experiments have lead to obtaining a good quality product.

  • Let’s learn how to taste Rosso Piceno

    Rosso Piceno, and its variant Rosso Piceno Superiore, are two very interesting red wines in view of their structure and the pleasing balance between the tannic and aromatic properties.

  • Let’s learn how to taste Pecorino

    If you are tasting Pecorino for the first time ever, then forget about everything you know about white wines. Pour some Perorino into the glass and, before actually tasting it, sniff and sip it with your eyes closed.

  • Piceno wines: wines of success

    September and October are harvest months, not just for collecting the grapes but also because these are the two months in which the guides of various editors stating the scores.

  • Each wine to its own glass

    Different shaped glasses are used to accentuate and fully enjoy the unique characteristics of different types of wine.

  • The treasures of Piceno: great wines to be discovered

    The land of Piceno is a particularly suitable terroir for great white and red wines, which are however still not so well-known by the public.

  • Ciauscolo: a traditional flavour meets Pecorino wine

    “Ciauscolo” also called “Ciausculo” is a spreadable IGP salami, typical of the Monti Sibillini and of the highlands of Macerata.

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