The Picentes

Offida landsThe Picentes, a European People. The Picenum shown in a monograph.

“The Picentes, a European people” (original title “I piceni popolo d’Europa”) is the title of the monograph which was presented on 23rd March at Vinitaly, during an event coordinated by the journalist Antonio Paolini.

The volume is peculiar for the photographs it includes, whose beauty catches whoever does not know the region of Marche extremely well, and especially the area around Ascoli Piceno, Fermo and Offida.

The Picentes civilization dates back to 900 Before Christ, when the Picentes, dreadful warriors and above all wise farmers, were able to establish and let flourish economic relations with Northern European Countries.

Visiting these places is like diving into the past, walking on unique and fascinating paths of arts and culture. The epitome of smart tourism, ranging from the marvellous beaches in Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto to the hills raising up to 900 metres of height offering endless landscapes, open wide to the sea.

The Consortium Vini Piceni is the world ambassador of the beauties of this southern part of Marche. It embraces thirty-four members, however, there are at least five hundred vine growers who cooperate with the Consortium, headed by Angela Velenosi and directed by Armando Falcioni, through cooperative winery.

There is another feature of these “European people: youngs join into protecting the land and innovating cultures. They are the graduates of the historic Agricultural Secondary School “Celso Ulpiani” in Ascoli Piceno and of the Department of Agriculture of the University of Marche. Therefore, it is not by chance that the biodiversity around the consortium area is well appreciated all around the world.

Even Picenum seawaters are biodiverse and teeming with fish and the Picenum coastline hosts one of the major harbours on the Mediterranean: San Benedetto.

The harmony between earth, water and air makes it possible to raise our wines, the essence of a unique identity, looking at the future with courage and proud of its origins.

The photographs in the monography are by Giò Martorana.

The sensory evaluations of all the appellations protected by the Consortium Vini Piceni such as Rosso Piceno, Rosso Piceno Superiore,Falerio, Falerio Pecorino,Offida Pecorino,Offida Passerina,Offida Rosso and Terredi Offida Spumante and Passito, which make the full second part of the work, are certified by the prestigious Center for Sensory Analysis (Centro di analisi sensoriale) of Matelica (MC).