• Delving into gastronomy

    For each wine, its own dish, and for each dish, its own wine. In our opinion to get the real feel of the Piceno district, you have to know its history, culture and traditions.

  • Recipes of the Chef

    The Piceno land, where the main cultivations are vines and olive groves, is the land of a wide and variegated range of flavours, aromas and consistencies…

  • “Piceno” Christmas menu

    Christmas is on the doorstep and it’s time to start planning the menu.

  • Frustingo (or Fristingo)

    This is one of the simplest yet tastiest and energetic desserts of the Marche region. Its name probably derives from “frusto”, meaning poor, as were its original ingredients.

  • Let’s learn how to taste Falerio

    Falerio is probably the most “popular” of the Piceno DOC wines yet the least known outside its regional boundaries, where the general public often prefers more famous white wines or past trend-setting wines.

  • Let’s learn how to taste Offida Rosso

    Offida Rosso, according to the applicable regulation, entails a blend of Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Connoisseur salami go perfectly with Red Piceno Wines

    The salami tradition in the Piceno area derives from the past presence of the Metayage system (sharecropping).

  • Marche meat: passion conceived from experience

    The Marche beef cattle breed is one of the best in Italy, in terms of genuineness and quality, and is safeguarded by the IGP Vitellone bianco dell’Appennino centrale seal (White beef cattle of the Central Apennine region).

  • Autumn is chestnut time

    The chestnut, queen of autumn, finds its favourite zone in Piceno. The chestnuts (Castagna and Marroni variety) of Monti della Laga and Monti Sibillini are renowned and are a source of inspiration for chefs and housewives in creating simple yet popular recipes, such as the scrumptious roasted chestnuts to be enjoyed with a nice glass […]

  • Chichiripieno: an exclusive specility of Offida

    Offida is not just wine alone, but also a town that is rich in tradition, history and peculiar local dishes: an example of this is “chichiripieno”.

  • When cheese calls, wine answers

    Cheese is one of the most tasty and enjoyable combinations for a glass of good wine. Better still if the cheese and the wine come from the same land, namely from the Piceno hills.

  • The incomparable soft olives of Ascoli

    The soft DOP olives of Ascoli (Olea Europea Sativa) are one of the typical gastronomic products of the Piceno region.

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