Our passion for the Piceno region

Wine production in the land of Piceno over the past several years has recorded impressive figures and achieved great results, bound above all to the recognition of wines produced from native grape varieties: this is why a group of enterprises decided to set-up an association focusing on safeguarding these efforts and commitments. Following such decision, the “Vini Piceni” consortium was indeed established in 2002.

The Consortium currently consists of 44 ordinary members, many of whom are entrepreneurs directly involved in the various stages of producing the local DOC and DOCG products. Their activities range from viticulture, to winemaking and bottling, and all are required to comply with the specifications and the objectives of the Consortium itself.

The “Vini Piceni” Consortium was essentially created with the mission to safeguard, promote and valorise local DOC wines in Italy and abroad, ensuring they are produced in compliance with the specific Regulation. Above all its aim is to advise and inform consumers: there’s no future for a quality product if consumers are not aware.