A young background with great tradition

The "Vini Piceni" consortium was established in 2002. Even if it has a young and rather recent background, it still belongs to an impressive wine making tradition...

Piceno wines

The italian wine produced in this district are one of the most authentic expressions of this land, which extends from the Sibillini mountains to the coast...

Piceno itineraries

The Piceno region is located in the heart of central Italy, protected on one side by the Apennines and on the other by the sea: Wonderful and amazingly variegated landscapes to be admired by those who pass through this region...

Aromas and flavours

The Marche region is the meeting point of northern and southern cuisine. The Piceno district avails of the natural ingredients offered by the land and the sea, with the aromas of the scented herbs of the hills, thus giving life to tasty dishes made with farm produce, fish, rabbit and poultry...
Chocolate cake of chef Enrico Mazzoni and Passerina Passito wine

Chocolate cake of chef Enrico Mazzoni and Passerina Passito wine

Three layers of creamy chocolate and a biscuit base: these are the essential mouthwatering elements that Chef Enrico Mazzaroni uses to make his Chocolate Cake at the Tiglio di Montemonaco Restaurant. The chocolate goes perfectly with a Passerina Passito wine, the softness of which is mitigated with a hint of acidity, thus exalting the opulence of this dessert. […]

Latest blog news

News, interesting topics and updates to be commented and exchanged, in the name of the passion for italian wine and for our wonderful land. To learn about it and appreciate it to the full
  • 10 MAR

    THE WINERIES of the Consortium taking part in PROWEIN 2015

    Only a few days to go before the start of ProWein, staged every year in Düsseldorf in Germany. ProWein is one of the world’s major order platforms for the wine and spirits sector dedicated to the Trade only, in particular to all those involved in product purchasing decisions (chiefly the Horeca sector). A not-to-be-missed appointment which, in […]

  • 22 NOV

    Let’s learn how to taste Passerina

    Passerina grapes were once considered unsuitable for wine-making from just one, unblended variety, and this is why it is not so well known. In actual fact, it reveals a very pleasant bouquet and a body that makes it an elegant wine, let’s say almost a lady’s wine. It is crystal clear, straw yellow in colour, […]

  • 03 JAN

    Let’s learn how to taste Passerina Passito

    Out of all the Picenos branded wines, Passerina Passito, made from dried grapes, is maybe one of the most appreciable.